Autumn recipes

Cooking with Aromatic Herbs
November 09, 2011

Someone sees autumn like a sad season, but there are those who appreciate its quiet melancholy and the beautiful colors of nature.

AutumnAlthough summer is my favourite season, I think that autumn is sweet, temperatures are not too cold and... I must confess that I love the rich and hearty autumnal meals.

There are many recipes already published here on Erbe in Cucina - Cooking with Herbs that I prepare often for my family, and there are others that I think to prepare again with all the autumn ingredients: pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple, nuts… I was reading this blog looking for inspiration, and I decided to publish in one post all the typical autumn recipes.

Sage and rosemary

Autumn aromatic herbs

During autumn you can use aromatic herbs stored in the summer, or still harvest some sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, marjoram and chives.
In addition, parsley, garden cress and fresh coriander from the autumn sowings can already be harvested.

Top Autumn Recipes

Among the favorites of my family, these recipes are absolutely recommended.

Morning Glory muffins with mintMorning Glory muffins with mint are a perfect combination of several ingredients: pineapple, coconut, nuts, carrots... I added a touch of mint to this classic recipe of autumnal flavors.

Roasted vegetables chowder with basilHot soups like this Roasted vegetables chowder with basil are perfect for a cold rainy day.

Walnuts pasta with marjoramWalnuts pasta with marjoram is one of my childhood memories, with its smooth and rich taste.

Autumn recipes

Pumpkin, amaretti and aage appetizersAppetizers
Pumpkin, amaretti and aage appetizers
Pancetta with chestnut honey
Salmon bagel with sorrel

Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyalStarters and first courses
Lasagna with broccoli, shrimps and pennyroyal
Rustic pasta with poppy seeds
Yellow biriani with mint and walnuts
Four cheeses pasta with marjoram
Crepes with mushrooms and marjoram

Tarragon Stracciatella (Egg soup)Soups
Tarragon Stracciatella (Egg soup)
Clams soup with chives
Cress soup with ginger
Spanish varlic soup

Dill and onion savory muffinsSavory pies
Dill and onion savory muffins
Carrot savory pie with fresh coriander
Leek savory pie with ginger
Brussels sprouts gratin with tarragon

Nettle and cinnamon omeletteOmelettes and pancakes
Nettle and cinnamon omelette
Rice omelette with thyme
Bok choi and nettle omelette
Eggless pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon

Peruvian Causa: a rainbow purée
Couscous salad with pomegranate and pistachio
Avocado salad with tuna and paprika

Autumn chiliMeat
Autumn chili
Chicken & chilies paella
Ham rolls with tatsoi
Turkey sandwich with wild thyme and gorgonzola

Spelt and lentil fritters with dandelionVegetarian recipes
Spelt and lentil fritters with dandelion
Stir-fried pak choi
Vegan burger with aromatic herbs

Apple pie with cranberriesDesserts
Apple pie with cranberries
Apple and figs tart
Carrot and mint cake

Pink crackers with poppy seedsBread and savory pastries
Pink crackers with poppy seeds
Mandioc bread with bacon and mint
Chestnut and seeds loaf
Caraway muffins

Hot pumpkin jamJams
Hot pumpkin jam
Onion and chili jam

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