Cooking with aromatic herbs

A serie of posts that describe briefly each aromatic herb and provide curiosity, recipes and tips.

Spices and aromatic herbs mixtures

Prepare your own homemade spices and aromatic herbs mixtures from around the world, including curry powder, Provencal Herbs, Taco Seasoning Mix, Thai Curry Paste...

The 20 appetizers lunch

A menu for a lunch with only appetizers with aromatic herbs: recipes and tips to organize it. Some are quick, some more elaborated... but worth every bit of effort that goes into making them.

The 12 first courses lunch

A lunch made with twelve pasta, rice, crepes and so on dishes from around the world, with tips and recipes.

The miniatures lunch

A lunch made with miniaturized versions of classic recipes, from the appetizers to the dessert.

The collector's garden

There are many variations of well known plants: new colors, different aromas, specific forms... why grow always the usual crops?

Weed's crusade

Tips, recipes and ideas to use weeds.

Database chili pepper files

Chili Pepper Files are informative posts about some of the chili peppers that I grown, with some ideas and recipes.

Burger Parade: Homemade burgers

A Parade of all the burger recipes on Erbe in cucina - Cooking with Herbs: with beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian...

The surprising flowers

The surprising flowers: flowers of aromatic herbs, vegetables and spontaneous herbs.
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Catnip Flowers
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