Spice seeds on the catwalk

My 200th post
May 28, 2009

I can't believe it, this it the 200th post!

As I did for my 100th post, I'll let the pictures talk. This time on the catwalk we have spice seeds: sow them but also add them to your dishes!

Coriander SeedsCoriander is an aromatic herb, but its seeds can be used as a spice too.

Coriander Seeds Recipes

Cumin SeedsCumin seeds, a spice used in indian and middle eastern cuisine.

Cumin Recipes

Sesame SeedsSesame seeds, used often on bread rolls.
You will find coriander, cumin and sesame in the egyptian recipe: Dukkah.

Sesame Seeds Recipes

Ajwain SeedsAjwain or Bishop's Weed seeds, try them in the recipe: Rice with Cheese and Ajwain.

Ajwain recipes

Caraway SeedsCaraway seeds, also known as kummel.

Try the recipe: Caraway Muffins.

Caraway Recipes

Nigella SeedsNigella (o Kalonji) seeds, used on bread and in indian cuisine.
Try nigella in the recipe: Tuna Sandwiches with Nigella and Thai Basil.

Nigella Recipes

Poppy SeedsPoppy Seeds, used on bread and biscuits.

Try poppy, nigella and cumin in the recipe: Dark Bread with Spice Seeds.

Poppy Seeds Recipes

Anise SeedsAnise Seeds.

Anise Recipes

Wild Fennel SeedsWild Fennel Seeds.

Wild Fennel Recipes

Dill SeedsDill Seeds.

Flax SeedsFlax Seeds.

Try pumpkin, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds in the recipe: Chestnut and seeds loaf.

White Mustard SeedsWhite Mustard Seeds.

Black Mustard SeedsBlack Mustard Seeds.

Mustard seeds are used often with pickles, like in the Pickled Green Purslane.

Mustard Seeds Recipes

Fenugreek SeedsFenugreek Seeds, used in indian cuisine (called methi) and in many spice mixtures.
Try the recipe: Herb Baked Omelette (Kuku).

Fenugreek Recipes

Fenugreek seeds

Spices and aromatic herbs mixturesRead also:

Spices and aromatic herbs mixtures

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Recipe: Aromatic spring risotto

Rice recipes with aromatic herbs

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