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November 25, 2009

Weed s CrusadeI always tried to defend weeds, in a sort of weed's crusade, and this post is meant to be an index of all information about spontaneous herbs published on this blog.

Weeding is an all year long work if you are growing any kind of plant. Weeds can be dangerous for young plants and it's hard to get rid of them.

Anyway many spontaneous herbs are edible or useful, and harvest them often is the perfect way to keep them under control.
Here are some tips and recipes with your weeds.

Green purslane

Green purslane (Portulaca Oleracea)

Green purslane leaves and tender tops can be harvested during summer, and can be eaten raw in salads.

Green purslane recipes
Green purslane photo gallery


Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Nettle is one of the most common weeds. Its tender leaves can be harvested during autumn and winter, and become harder during spring.
Nettle leaves should be handled with gautlets, and can be eaten cooked.

Nettle recipes
Be nice with nettles: link to recipes and useful tips
Nettle photo gallery


Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelion was once considered as a regular vegetable, and then it fell from grace. Leaves, flowers, roots and buds are edible.

Dandelion recipes
Dandelion photo gallery

Wood sorrel

Wood Sorrel (Oxalis sp.)

Violet wood sorrel has many gorgeous little flowers and it's often cultivated as an ornamental plant.
Green leaves can be used in salads or sandwiches, and flowers can be dried for herbal teas.

Wood sorrel photo gallery

Round-leaved mint

Round-leaved mint or apple mint (Mentha suaveolens)

Apple mint has round and fleshy leaves. It's an hard plant, that can be harvested almost all year long and used as regular mint.

Mint recipes
Round-leaved mint photo gallery

Yellow sweet clover

Yellow sweet clover (Melilotus Indicus)

Its yellow flowers have a strong and sweet aroma, and can be dried and used in herbal teas.
Clover leaves can be eaten cooked.

Yellow sweet clover photo gallery



It's a spontaneous herb from Sicily, that grows nears vineyards and it's served with sausage or pork meat.

Baked pasta with caliceddi
Pizza with pancetta and caliceddi

Spices and aromatic herbs mixtures
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Author: radha (URL)

hi Graziana, we want to start to seed vegs and spices on teh balcony. now we hav around 20-23 degrees here. Tonite got home with seeds for (100 in eachbag): spinach, garland chrisantemum, sage, peppermint, and pai-tsai. Can u advice on these, instructions sometimes are general and orientative. i am tempted to seed them all and experiment but probablyv some of them are not in teh right period? also our balcony doesnt get so much light during teh day... THANK YOU ~ radha

Author: Graziana

Hi Radha, 20-23 degrees are enough: if you have 100 seeds for each plant, just try 10 of them... if they will sprout you ll have fresh leaves all winter long. But if they don t you will have enough seeds to sow in spring. Good luck!

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