Storing dandelion buds

Harvest and Store
June 08, 2009

Dandelion budDandelion is a spontaneous herb, and it's all edible: leaves, flowers, roots... even buds. Some people say that they were similar to capers... I tryed them and it's not true: they're better!
Let's see how to prepare and store them.

Dandelion buds in vinegarHarvest the buds before they open.
Put in a glass with boiling water and two tablespoons of vinegar.
After 10 minutes, drain them well and store in a jar with olive oil.

Cooked dandelion budsServe on bread or crackers of your choice.

Spelt and lentil fritters with dandelionMore dandelion recipes:

Spelt and lentil fritters with dandelion

Dandelion and yams pies

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Harvest and Store

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Author: Katie (URL)

I ve never used dandelion buds before, but they sound like a real treat! Thanks for participating in WHB!

Author: Elizabeth (URL)

What do dandelion buds taste like? (Remarkably, we don t have any dandelion buds and are forced to buy our dandelion greens at the store!)

Author: Graziana

Dandelion buds taste like many wild herbs, a little bitter.
I didn t have dandelion in my pots, so I harvested the seeds!

Author: Elizabeth (URL)

Ooops!! I completely forgot to check for the answer to my question...

So they are not really all that similar tasting to capers at all then! I m really curious now. But I ll have to find some dandelion seeds and plant some in a pot too if it s not already too late in the season.

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