Chili peppers reality show: the secrets revealed

Chili peppers reality show
September 18, 2010

A couple of months ago, I choose some chili plants to follow on the blog, for an ironical Chili Peppers Reality Show.

Finally all the plants are showing results, and I can reveal all their secrets.

Frida Black

Frida Black - The mysterious one

The mystery of Frida Black is solved: it is a beautiful ornamental dark chili plant, among the most beautiful I have ever grown.
It has white flowers with purple edges, deep purple pods about 4cm long, that ripen to a bright orange, as you can see from the picture.
The plant is a lovely shrub about 60cm high, incredibly productive.

Banana Sweet

Banana Sweet - The sweet one

Banana Sweet it's a Capsicum annuum with white flowers and pods up to 12-14 cm long, that ripen from bright green to yellow, orange and finally red.
They can be harvested still unripe, and are fleshy and fragrant.
A recipe: Banana Sweet Chili Sauce, delicious on sandwiches and fritters.

Chili de Onza

Chili de Onza - The fancy one

The Chili de Onza has pods about 5cm long, shaped like strawberries, that ripen from dark green to brown.
They have a thin flesh and are perfect for drying. Their aftertaste is different from other chilies, many say it's similar to licorice.

More details: Chili de Onza.

Ethiopian Brown Berbere

Ethiopian Brown Berbere - The exotic one

The Ethiopian Brown Berbere has large round pods about 3cm, which ripen from green to brown... and then show their peculiarity: maturing to dark red, they become soggy to the touch, and when opened reveal a creamy pulp, perfect for sauces.

Aji Pineapple

Aji Pineapple - The fruity one

The Aji Pineapple has white flowers with touches of green, and hot pods which ripen from green to yellow.
I was a little disappointed, because I expected a more fruity taste.

Habanero Black Congo

Habanero Black Congo - The extra hot one

The Habanero Black Congo produced only one pod until now. It has the shape and size of the Habanero, and ripen from light green to a dark, unusual, red.

The Bode Orange was eliminated, because it died before flowering. Next year, I will grow it again.
EDIT: Yes, I grow it again, these are the pictures: Bode Orange.

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Black PrinceTwo years ago:

Black Prince

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Author: mangocheeks (URL)

Shame about the aja pineapple, they do look very intersting.

Author: Graziana

They are beautiful and I liked them, but I preferer other chilies from the same family (Baccatum), like Jamy or Aji Benito, milder and with a better taste.

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