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June 04, 2012

The temperature has risen a few degrees, and the harvests get more interesting. I checked the kitchen shelves to see what herbs are finished or need to be replaced.

Sage, balm, marjoramSage, marjoram, lemon balm and white ice, washed and ready to be dried.

More details:
Storing mint: dried
Storing sage
Storing marjoram

Sage and marjoramThe dried herbs can be stored for a couple of years, but I prefer to renew my stocks for the winter. So sage and marjoram harvested few years ago were composted.

RhubarbThis spring I planted Glaskins rhubarb, an early variety. It should be harvested from the next year, but I couldn't resist and I harvested some stems, adding to a fresh fruit tart.

PurslaneGreen purslane is ready to be harvested: I will prepare soon the delicious Pickled Green Purslane as every year, and last week I used a bunch of fresh leaves in the Pesto and purslane sandwich.

ApricotMy dwarf apricot tree bought last year produced a single apricot, making us hope for next year. It was a rather big fruit, tasty beyond belief.

StrawberriesMy yellow wild strawberries plant grown in a pot is still producing tasty strawberries, although few at a time.

Let's see also what I'm not harvesting.

Caper flowerMy caper plant is now producing the buds I should collect and store, but the flowers are so beautiful that I let it bloom.

Scarlet sageI'm not harvesting the scarlet sage (or tropical sage) leaves for the same reason, I hope it will bloom showing its beautiful flowers.

Four years ago:

First pepper pods, part 2

This goes to Harvest Mondays, Garden to Table Challenge.


Author: Wendy (URL)

you reminded me that I probably should not have harvested from a new rhubarb plant I have. Is that a caper flower? Like the little tart green caper berries?? I never knew it produced such a beautiful flower!!

Author: Graziana

Hi Wendy, yes it s a caper plant, the berries are the blossoms and should be harvested before they bloom.

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