The collector's garden: Colored carrots

The collector's garden
February 01, 2011

I like to collect different varieties of plant and I wanted to create a serie of post about my plant collections, The collector's garden. The first post is about my harvest of carrots from my rooftop.

The orange carrot came along about 500 years ago, but there were also white, yellow, purple and brown carrots. I growed some carrot varieties, let's take a look.

Yellow carrots

Carrot Yellowstone

Yellowstone carrots are similar to orange ones in shape and taste, but are bright yellow even on the inside.

Purple carrot

Carrot Cosmic Purple

I was disappointed when I cut this purple carrot to find out that it was orange on the inside. However, was the most delicious, sweet yet savory, tender even though huge, definitely the best.

Red carrot

Carrot Red Roja

Red carrot is pinkish-red outside, with a brilliant white core. It has a classic shape and it's very sweet. Highly recommended.

Tonda di Parigi carrot

Carrot Tonda di Parigi

This is a Tonda di Parigi (round from Paris) carrot: small round carrots, orange and slightly pungent.

White carrot

Carrot Snow White

This is the Snow White carrot, similar to a parsnip, tender, crisp and more pungent than the other carrots.

The collector s garden
There are many variations of well known plants: new colors, different aromas, specific forms... why grow always the usual crops?

The collector's garden: Gotta catch em all!

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Author: Ele

Che meraviglia! Ma dove hai trovato i semi? Si vendono in Italia?

Author: Graziana

Ciao Ele, i semi li compro in negozi online europei (per evitare problemi di dogana sconsiglio siti statunitensi o asiatici, anche se spesso sono più ricchi di particolarità).

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