May gardening tips: harvest promises

Rooftop gardening
May 13, 2012

I'm already harvesting some aromatic herbs and greens, but in May it's always fun to look all the new plants, and hope to harvest them soon.

GherkinLook this tiny gherkin. This year I'm growing regular gherkin and white gherkin.

Clary sageThis is a clary sage plant, a sage variety with large leaves.

RhubarbThis is a small rhubarb Glaskins, it should be ready to harvest the next year, but that red stem makes me think of pies and jams...

Rhubarb recipes

ChardsRainbow chard are bolting, but flowers can be eaten like broccoli or asparagus.

Ishikura onionThis is a Japanese onion called Ishikura, I should apply the earthing-up method during the growth to obtain long white stems, I will let you know!

ApricotLast year I bought a dwarf apricot tree for my rooftop, and this year it has the first apricot. It's the only one, and I hope it will ripe.

TomatilloLast year all my tomatillo plants didn't produce a single fruit, so I'm growing again this year, however i don't have high expectations.

Rain Forest TricolorTwo years ago:

The chili peppers are in the right place!

This goes to Harvest Mondays


Author: amber

You have to have at least two tomatillo plants to cross pollenate. Last year was our first year and I read that somewhere! Good luck!

Author: Allison (URL)

I hope you get to taste that apricot!!

Author: pooks (URL)

I m so glad to see this. I ll let my ruby chard bolt so I can eat the flowers. Is it the whole long stem?

Author: Mary Hysong

What was the problem with your tomotillos? I usually have a huge glut; one year six or eight plants yielded 50 pounds of fruit!

Author: Graziana

I don t know what happened to my tomatillo plants, maybe it was too hot, or they weren t in a good sunny spot. Let see what they do this year.

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