Marjoram leaves are similar to oregano, but with a sweeter, spiced aroma. It can be addet to pasta, soups, omelettes, savory pies.
Marjoram leaves are similar to oregano, but with a sweeter, spiced aroma. Marjoram is perfect with cheese, walnuts and mushrooms. It can be used fresh or dried, in salads, meat [...]
I read that marjoram is a biennal plant... but the plants in my garden are three years old and produce many fresh leaves, so they taught me that marjoram is a perennial. Lucky [...]
I know, another marjoram recipe... but it's spring and it's so fresh that you have to use it! Gnocchi with bacon and marjoram Ingredients 400g gnocchi 1 tbsp [...]
Marjoram blooms during the summer, and this is the right time to harvest it, preferably in the morning. Harvest the tender stems with flowering tops, usually 10 to 30 cm long [...]
I love to use fresh aromatic herbs but let's admit it: it's winter, and it's time to use all those herbs harvested and stored during summer. I have a lot of dried marjoram, and I [...]
I've harvested a lot of marjoram this year from my garden, so I'm trying it in some new recipes. I was craving some lasagna-like recipe, so I prepared some crepes. These ones [...]
It's harvest time for marjoram, you can dry it and store for the winter. Meanwhile, use it fresh for many recipes: cheese, pasta, or hot spring soups like this [...]

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